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Polygraphs and accuracy

What is a polygraph? 
A polygraph is the scientific name for a lie detector. 

How accurate in polygraph testing?
The accuracy in polygraph testing is between 90-95%. As estimated by the American Polygraph Association, the accuracy of this test depends on the training received by the person who is undertaking the examination. 

All examiners at Polygraph 1 UK are fully qualified, having trained at the British and European Polygraph Academy (BEPA) and are all members of the America Polygraph Association (APA).

Polygraph duration

Are any polygraph examination questions revealed beforehand?
Yes, the interviewee is told the exact words in each question before the examination. No surprise questions are asked.

What is the duration of a polygraph examination?
The duration of a test is dependent on the matter that is being investigated. It can be between 2-3 hours or longer.
 A man wearing a blood pressure cuff and Pneumograph equipment

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Location and test environment

What is the location of the test?
The test must be administered in a quiet area. It could be on business premises or in a quiet room. Our expert operatives can travel across the UK and Europe to meet you at any location you prefer.

Can we administer foreign language tests?
At Polygraph 1 UK, we have a team of highly skilled translators. We can conduct the tests in any language of your preference.

Can the polygraph test results be affected by nerves?
No. Our examiners are aware that every individual can get nervous. A truthful interviewee reacts differently from another individual who is deliberately lying. 

Function and costs

How does the polygraph function?
It records the physiological changes occurring in the body as the questions are asked. Sensors are attached to your chest, arm and fingers. These detect the changes in the body when a lie is told. The test questions are formulated after a discussion prior to the actual test.

How much does a polygraph examination cost?
Prices are discussed and agreed after a discussion with the client. An initial free of charge consultation is undertaken on the phone prior to meeting with the client, before the examination is conducted. At the conclusion of the polygraph test, a full report will be provided.

We accept all major credit and debit cards. 
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